How we do it

Our 5-step process allows us to understand your current business problem and the how well you (don’t) know your customers. We’ll design a custom survey using academic-grade practices to reduce respondent bias and get the answers you need to make the right decisions. You don’t need to become an expert in survey design. You don’t need to deploy or analyze your results.

Give us four weeks and you’ll get your Customer Research Delivered. 

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Our Process


1: Handoff Meeting

At handoff we meet with the client to understand their current customer knowledge and focus on a specific business problem.

2: Survey Development

Our team integrates what we learned in Handoff with our survey expertise to develop all research materials for the project. 

3: Client Sign-off

The client reviews and gives final sign-off to begin deployment. 

4: Survey Deployment

Next, we mount, host, and deploy your survey for up to two weeks. 

5: Delivery

Findings are delivered in a video-walkthrough along with all raw materials and data for use in future research.


Are you ready to see what makes your customers tick?