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A new offering has to be 9x better for users to switch.

You have too many initiatives right now and don't know which to prioritize. You know your product-market fit is good... but not great. Your users are very different from any other user. Your biggest fear is wasting resources on suboptimal product decisions. You're concerned that you don't spend enough resources finding the opportunities that will lead to real growth and engagement. You worry that you're building a product only for yourself.

PhD Insights can help.

Case Studies

We turn unknowns into priorities.

Why don't we make the sale?


How we helped Velocify leverage user research to acquire customers

How can we reduce client churn?

zen foods

How we helped Zen Foods raised their net promoter score by 18 points.




Idea phase:

42% of new products fail because there is no market need.

Don't be one of them.

We help with

  • Ethnography
  • Concept Testing
  • User Surveys
  • Field Research
  • Interviews and more

Execution phase:

The most common user action on a Web site is to flee.

Make leads convert and users stick.

We help with

  • Usability Testing
  • Card Sorts
  • Prototype Testing
  • Usability Review
  • A/B Testing and more

“Once I realized that I could potentially lose $30K on development, user research was a completely sound decision.”


What others have to say

The analysis not only helped us understand who our customers are and what they want, but also gave us tools on how to retain our customers and increase our revenue...
— May L., Head of Marketing at Z.E.N. Foods
Our study got over one million reads in less than a week. It made the front page of Reddit in the /r/DataisBeautiful section and got picked up by Bloomberg, The Times, and over 10 other international news outlets!
— Asher F., Co-owner at Asher & Lyric
When scaling our business and improving our competitive edge, analyzing our data to find opportunities for optimization of our product was vital. Sheana went above and beyond to make sure opportunities were found and after testing, we were pleasantly surprised with the results.
— Colton B., CEO of Jumper Media
Sheana provided us with amazing insight on how to structure our survey and was very knowledgeable about some of the different platforms that would best suit our needs.
— Manny F., Founder of CG Master Academy


S.R. Ahlqvist

PhD in Quantitative Social Psychology. Expert in user research, survey design, data collection, and business insights.

Santa Monica, CA

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