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Customer Research Delivered

Get actionable customer insights in 4 weeks flat.

User research for businesses that make informed decisions.


You’ve been debating with your colleagues about the best course of action for months.

You’ve said “If only we knew more about our customers we’d know which way to go.”

Give us four weeks. We’ll give you answers.

IF YOU: Have a successful business but don’t understand your customers painpoints, barriers, or wishlist, Customer Research Delivered is for you.

IF YOU: Have an idea for a new offering but want to know what customers think before you go too far down that road, Customer Research Delivered is for you.

IF YOU: Aren’t sure how your company fits into your customers’ lives, Customer Research Delivered is for you.


Customer Research Delivered is suitable for

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  • Product Managers

  • Corporate Strategists

  • Marketing Managers

  • CEOs/Owners

YOU WILL learn what motivates your customers and YOU WILL understand who you are building your brand around.


This is not information you’ll put in a file drawer.

This is exclusively meant for businesses who are committed to getting actionable insights.

Come here to put direction behind your effort.

Our 5-step process allows us to understand your current business problem and the how well you (don’t) know your customers. We’ll design a custom survey using academic-grade practices to reduce respondent bias and get the answers you need to make the right decisions. You don’t need to become an expert in survey design. You don’t need to deploy or analyze your results.

Give us four weeks and you’ll get your Customer Research Delivered.


They gave us the exact information we needed to tell our story with data-driven insights.


Within four weeks of purchase, you will have the following:

Actionable Results

Learn what your customers need, not just what they claim they want. Use it to inform your product strategy, marketing messaging, or business priorities.s.

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Effective Survey

The survey is yours to keep or use again and again. We employ best practices to remove survey bias at every turn.